The problem behind Alzheimer


The control and management of elderly people with dementia brings about many issues; such problems are even more serious in cases affected by Alzheimer's disease.


These people usually are in good physical condition but in need of constant monitoring (24/7) because of their mental condition.


They can get lost or wander around, have uncontrolled behavior, fall and forget about it, misuse household appliances or other objects.



Today, over 46 million people live with dementia worldwide.

This number is estimated to increase to 131.5 million by 2050.


Dementia also has a huge economic impact. Today, the total estimated worldwide cost of dementia is US $818 billion, and it will become a trillion dollar disease by 2018.


Fall and forget about it


Wander and get lost


Misuse household appliances

How it Works

Comfortable wearable device. No home installation. No Subscription.

OiX Care allows caregivers to have constant monitoring of people affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

The system is made of a transmitter (OiX Sensor) to be worn by the patient, and a receiver (OiX Receiver) which allows the caregiver to monitor the person.

OiX Sensor communicates in real-time with the Receiver through an ISM Radiofrequency protocol.


The System does not require any Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or internet connection to transfer information from patient to caregiver; it works within a range of 200 mt indoor and 2 km outdoor.


OiX Care is a fully automated product that can work even in absence of telephone or network connection, or in presence of physical barriers, thanks to a proprietary communication system (radiofrequency).


OiX Sensor


OiX Receiver




Who we are

Avanix develops technologies for people taking care of people.

Avanix was founded in 2014, following the personal experience of our CTO Maurizio Brignoli.

Maurizio had to take care of his parents, both affected by Alzheimer’s disease, for 10 years.


His experience in electronic circuits and communication systems led to a solution to support him and other people managing such kind of patients.


The individual’s health and well-being stand at the horizon of our projects.


Avanix aims at using its knowhow and technology as a tool to improve living care and simplify the interaction among people.


Avanix’s goal is to develop technologies for people who take care of people.


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